Marayke is fundraising for modifications to a van that will enable it to carry her powered wheelchair so she can get to work and continue her work in the community including with the charity she founded sporting Dreams, after suffering an overuse injury to her arms meaning she needs a powered wheelchair that is too heavy to lift into her current car.

Marayke has the car, but modifications are expensive- havining

and saved and fundraised $38 000 to be a passenger she is now needs another $75000 to drive independently.

Tax-deductible Donations are processed by Sunshine Butterflies the  Registered Charity supporting “Make Marayke Mobile”. A new window will open taking you to a payment gateway to make secure credit card donations.

Meet Marayke

Marayke Jonkers, 34, is a retired Paralympic medal winning swimmer, paratriathlete and founder of Sporting Dreams, a grants program which helps athletes with disabilities. Unfortunately after 20 years as an elite athlete Marayke has been diagnosed with an overuse injury to her arms and now not only lives in extreme pain but requires a modified van to drive while still in her motorised wheelchair, as she is unable to propel a manual wheelchair and transport it in her current vehicle.

Imagine going from being so strong you can lift your body weight with one hand to being so weak you drop a piece of toast, and not only that being forced to stay at home because you cannot afford a suitable mode of transportation.

Imagine if every time you went to work you became bedridden in agony for up to a month because you had to use inappropriate transport – this is a reality for Marayke now as when she travels to every motivational speaking job she is required to go in a car or maxi taxi and causes her extreme discomfort.

Yet Marayke remains motivated to continue working and contributing to the community. She has overcome so many obstacles through the thoracic outlet syndrome including an inability to type or use the mouse by now using voice dictation to control her computer so that she can continue her role as a motivational speaker, sharing her journey to becoming a Paralympian in the hope it inspires others to chase their dreams.

Your support and kind donations are greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference in Marayke’s life and what she can continue to achieve. Thank You!

How much is required for Marayke to be a passenger?

$38280 = Raised and the modifications are in progress

How much is required for Marayke to be the driver?


total amount required?



Donate towards some of modifications required. The car is currently at the modifiers waiting for the final funds to be raised.

Some of the items required for Marayke to be a passenger.

  • Wheelchair lift loader $7950

  • Remote control for loader $2250

  • Auto open rear door system $5200

  • Program remote keypad $250

  • Docking station that turns wheelchair into a car seat $5000

  • Docking pin on wheelchair to lock it in $750




From Television News

to the front page of the newspaper and radio interviews

the media is a-buzz with the Make_Marayke_Mobile Campaign

Paralympian Marayke Jonkers – and the people she inspires –
sincerely need your support.

All funds raised from donations go to “Make Marake Mobile”

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Tax-deductible Donations are processed by Sunshine Butterflies the  Registered Charity supporting “Make Marayke Mobile”. A new window will open taking you to a payment gateway to make secure credit card donations.


Marayke founded the charity Sporting-2

More about Marayke and the need for this fund-raiser

Chances are you already know Marayke from her presence on TV, Radio and Social Media - initially from her sporting career, then subsequently with the great work she's been doing in the community. But all that may grind to a painful halt if Marayke can't get help from caring people like you. If you haven't met her yet, click here for More about Marayke
Why the Modifications are Life Changing


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