Greetings from Malaysia

Hi all

I am really enjoying my time in Malaysia.

A typical day here is breakfast 8am, catch the bus to the pool at 8.30am. I then walk over to the gym and do boxing and medicine ball work. We get back to the hotel in time for lunch before heading back out to swimming training at 3.30pm.

Today we had a BBq lunch put on by the hotel, followed by our team photo.

Yesterday i did a practice race in my FSPRO racing suit. It wa sthe first time I had worn it in a 50m pool and I did some really fast times. We also decided to change my backstroke start as my legs slip on the touchpads wearing the suit.

Last night I spoilt myself with a treatment at the day spa by a lovely therapist named Merlin.

It feels great to be in the heat after a cold aussi winter. Tomorrow we will finally get to do some sight seing, when we go to Kuala Lumpur tower and a big shopping centre.

Only 2 more days and we will be in beijing!

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