I have arrived in Budapest!

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let everyone know I arrived safely in Budapest for the triathlon world champs. Most importantly, Debbie arrived here too with my bike and racing chair in tow. So we are all set to race on saturday.

My flight from schipol was delayed from 10am till after 12, much to my bemusement after I got up early at 5am to be there. Arriving in Budapest, my first impression was that this is quite a poor country- they didnt even have a lift to get me off the plane, two guys carried me. Then there was no airport assistants to assist me with baggage, so I grabbed my own suitacases and juggled them outside to the taxi rank. The other weird thing is there was no immigration so I didnt get a stamp in my passport to say I entered hungry. Unusual. The taxi here was 5200 forints, so luckily i changed some money at schipol. I arrrived at the hotel and met the team manager. When I got to my room I found my bike and a note from Deb saying she had arrived early. We had a good catch up, then dinner and sleep.

Today we spent the day sorting out vital things like where we are on our map of budapest and when we have to be at meetings etc.

Part of the day was spent on a mission hike looking for somewhere to have a passport photo taken- apparently i need it for classification but n one told me before I left home. In the end we couldnt find anywhere (even if we had i would never have got in, all the shops have steps). I improvised by getting my photo taken my a machine that made personalised post cards. it photographed my head and spat out 3 cards with budapest panoramas around the edge and a small photo of my in the centre- bing0! I cut out my photo from the centre and thats my ‘passport photo’. the other two cards I can now send home, a bonus.

This afternoon was spent with the team mechanic anthony who reassembled my bike and racing chair which were pulled appart for the flight. Then I went for a ride along the Danube river with deb running behind. It was so fasscinating to see all the buildings. I had a real sense of deja vu as months ago I made pictures of this road with myself superimposed riding my bike along the river. I put them up on my bedroom wall for inspiration and to make the course feel as familiar as possible on race day. So now I feel like Im living in my pictures.

Tomorrow I have classification at 8 am and then the paratriathletes briefing at 1.30!

Will let you all know how it goes


xoxox m xooxox

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