Arrow breaking

Target your goal

Smash through limiting beliefs.

In this session each person will break a REAL target arrow using the soft part of the throat smashing through limiting beliefs that are preventing them from hitting target goals.

Imagine the music pumping and your colleagues cheering as each one steps up, places the pointy end of an arrow against their throat and whoops in victory as they break the arrow smashing it against a wall!

Everyone hugs and high fives sharing selfies and videos with each other. What a fun staff experience.

Along with it they disable limiting beliefs and gain confidence and enthusiasm to target goals- together as a team or in their individual personal lives with the unique goal smashing formula created by Paralympian Marayke Jonkers.

The breaking arrows metaphor of sport emulating life provides a breakthrough experience propelling anyone beyond their disabling limiting beliefs, fears or emotions energizing their visions and goals. To anchor this we write each persons goal on a post it note and stick it to the wall where the arrow is leaning to be broken.

During this exercise target arrows (not dangerous hunting arrows) are used and participants place the pointed end against the soft part of the throat while being coached in the technique to break the arrow WITHOUT breaking any skin by taking a leap of faith and leaning into a wall. Breaking the arrow (particularly in spite of fear or lack of confidence) and the goal setting process taught in the lead up is used to help attendees break through to a new awareness of where they want to be in life or work (client can chose the focus for goals).

 Process and outcome:

Identify a goal ( client can decide if it is to be specific, work related, personal etc).

  • Devise a plan to achieve it (using Marayke’s Heart goal formula REV UP TO WIN)
  • Identify limiting beliefs standing between them now and living the reality of the goal in December
  • Come away with photos and video on their own or company’s cameras /phones for sharing on social media if desired.

Participants have never participated in an arrow break without improving attitudes, elevating expectations of what is possible in their life and beginning to take steps forward towards a gold medal life using the tools provided.

NB Please note Marayke trained in this technique in the USA by the same organisation, which taught world-renowned life coach Tony Robbins to conduct his firewalling workshops.


All participants have an opportunity to pose for photos with Marayke’s Paralympic medals and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch if desired.

Take home your arrow as a memento!

Goal setting for a Gold Medal Life

We all have big DREAMS but how many of us know exactly what we need to do to take the first step to live the Gold Medal Life we’ve always dreamed of?

Book this half day session on Marayke’s “Heart goals not Smart Goals” formula for goal setting that will transform the way you think about your professional and personal goals.

Marayke will step you through the goal setting process she used to win 3 Paralympic medals, then help you come up with robust personalised strategies for overcoming obstacles along the way.

Who is this suitable for:
Marayke can present this workshop to : Businesses, community groups, sporting teams and other groups

You will leave with:

  • A clear idea of your main goals now and for the future
  • A plan for what to do to oversome obstacles on the way to your goal
  • Understanding of your values and how this link to following through with goals
  • Understanding and self awareness to lead oneself through self sabotaging behaviour, identify burnout
  • Embracing the green eyed monster- how to turn jealousy to your  advantage
  • Why there is no RIGHT way only the right way for YOU and how a deeper understanding of your inner workings is the life hack between where you are now and where you want to be
  • A written gold medal life list of achievements
  • A step-by-step plan of how you can literally turn your dreams into reality!



At school we learn reading writing and arithmetic,  but what about important life skills such as goal setting and self leadership?  As a Paralympic athlete  Marayke has been setting goals and  has ticked off all the major items on her ” bucket list” at the age of just 34 and is a relatable role model for students, with 15 years presenting in schools.

She loves working interactively with school students around the concepts of goal setting using the exact techniques she used to win three Paralympic medals and break a world record.

With extensive experience working with students of all ages Marayke customises the presentation to the age group of the students. For example high school students may go into much more depth creating an action plan to achieve the students actual goals for this year.

This goal setting workshop is an excellent activity for year 12 students to plan for life after school.

Younger primary school students may simply hear Marayke’s life story, how she achieved her goals and have an opportunity to do questions and answers. for younger students for example Marayke brings along wheelchair Barbie to talk about acceptance of difference.

Workshops include interactive sessions with worksheets and activities as well as Marayke is sharing her inspirational story with the group.

We all have big DREAMS but how many of us know exactly what we need to do to take the first step to live the gold medal winning life we’ve always dreamed of.

Book this session on the art of goal setting that will transform the way you think about your professional/academic and personal goals. Marayke will step you through the goal setting process she used to win 3 Paralympic medals, then help you come up with robust personalised strategies for overcoming obstacles along the way.

Who is this suitable for:
Marayke can present this workshop to : schools, community groups sporting teams and other non corporate groups


A minimum of one hour is required for the workshop, or it can run up to half a day including meal breaks. If you have less time available to talk to Marayke about your aims and available time and we can adjust the program to fit your timeframe

d IS ability Awareness workshop

In this interactive session  Marayke  tackles all important subjects of embracing diversity and difference be it  disability,  gender,  ethnicity  or other areas in life by challenging the students to find anyone else in the room exactly the same as them.  sharing her story that growing up in a pink wheelchair as the only student with a disability in her school Marayka always knew she was different but difference doesn’t need to equal bad in fact disability can equal ability…. she never wanted to be ‘normal’  she wanted to be extraordinary.  Marayke teaches students that it is what makes us different that makes us unique…  helping to combat bullying and build self-esteem.

This workshop can work particularly well where there are students with a disability in the school but is equally valuable for all students.  After speaking about her own experiences and showing a video the class breaks into practical activities.

Marayke also talks about the Paralympics  and her experiences as an athlete as well as as a child growing up ‘ different.’

Practical element

students will play through different Paralympic sports,  learning to use other senses and compensate   for change physical ability-  giving a whole new appreciation  for people with disabilities and Paralympic sport.

Q& A

Marayke  recognises students always have burning questions  so concludes it session with an opportunity for a question and answer-  no holds barred!

 students will leave with

  •  autographed postcard
  •  having played Paralympic sports
  •  identified qualities in themselves which makes them unique-  their special abilities
  •  are greater  understanding of the need for tolerance kindness  and the benefits of diversity.
  •  greater understanding of the Paralympic movement Paralympics and disability awareness

Workshop structure

Marayke speaks on her lived experience with disability and Paralympic experience

Short video about Marayke & her paralympic journey

Practical learning activitty while seated

Discusssion about diversity, disability and bullying

Q&  A Students are always bursting with questions so the speech ends with a Q & A segment- where no question in off limits-  before breaking into groups for the practical activities.



During this segment students will participate in an activity which gets them to think differently about how they use their body and can adapt to physical challenges- leading to a new appreciation for people with disabilities.They will be challenged to accomplish an everyday task in a new way and experience a sense of achievement upon completing it.

Practical Activities

Students will play various paralympic sports and be introduced to their ability to use alternative senses or body parts just as people with disabilities do every day- for example while playing goal ball with a blindfold on students will learn to use the sense of sound rather than sight.




Call and you will speak TO marayke directly- no secretary or middle person- she will be interested to hear about your event and you can decide if working together is a good fit,

Marayke has a pre booking process including questions to ensure you get the best value from your time together.

She is also listed with some of the nation’s biggest speakers bureaus if you prefer to work through a bureau- including celebrity speakers.

Contact Marayke in person  to discuss your event, team building activity or celebration and Marayke will work with you to customise a workshop for your audience, venue and goals.

Multiple presentations on same day  are possible and Marayke will work with you to reach a custom pricing package for  multiple events with the same organisation.

More workshops Coming soon!

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Private mentoring

Do yo have a BIG unstoppable dream yearning to be brought to life and want a genuine cheerleader with proven experience in making BIG DREAMS happen? Marayke will mentor a select number of individuals through a one on one coaching program. Contact Marayke to discuss your big dreams and whether you are the dynamic duo to brig them to life