Welcome to the website of Marayke Jonkers, Australian Paralympic Swimmer, Paratriathlete, motivational speaker, and founder of the charitable foundation Sporting Dreams.


Marayke’s journey from becoming paraplegic in a car accident as a baby to a three-time Paralympian, has inspired people around Australia through her motivational presentations and media appearances.

Marayke won a silver and two bronze Paralympic medals as a swimmer, and later became Australia’s first female paratriathlete when she won bronze at the world championships in 2010. A former world record holder and current Australian record holder, Marayke won Queensland Young Achiever Award in 2005, has twice been a finalist in the Young Australian of the Year Awards, and has been an Olympic torch bearer.

She is currently writing her autobiography “Unstoppable dreams: self leadership to win”.

Since retiring from competitive sport due to injury in 2011, Marayke has focused her attention on helping the next generation of Paralympians through the foundation she started called Sporting Dreams.

Featured in:

She has appeared on television shows including Insight on SBS, Totally Wild on channel 10, and in publications including Cosmopolitan Magazine.




​Marayke has spoken to audiences ranging from 10 to 3000, in venues as diverse as pre-schools and Parliament House. She has shared the stage with dignitaries including Premiers and the Governor General. Her story is of daring to dream big, setting goals and never giving up no matter what obstacles life throws in your path.

She uses sport as a metaphor for life as she weaves her own stories of achievements, medal-winning highs and injury-plagued lows, through practical tips each of us can use to lead a rich, rewarding life and overcome the obstacles Marayke says are ‘inevitable’.

“While we may not be able to choose what happens to us in life,
we can choose the attitude we have towards it.  So choose to win,”

– Marayke Jonkers.​​

Marayke has a special interest in peak performance, and sharing the unique ‘mind training’ strategies she developed during her sporting career to help audiences ‘step up to the next level’ and get that last 10% out of themselves.

If you are seeking a speaker on any of these topics , Marayke can help (and will customise the presentation to your specific goals and requirements).

  • Peak performance
  • Goal Setting ( and achieving – how to stick to your plans)
  • Obliterating obstacles
  • Disability & the Paralympics: Marayke is very passionate about promoting Paralympic sport and disability awareness and has fun activities to help participants experience Paralympic sport.
  • Safety: ​Marayke has spoken to audiences about spinal injury prevention and workplace safety. As she says, “at the moment prevention is the only cure.”
  • Self leadership: The art of getting the best out of yourself.






We've done it! Tonight the Queensland Government passed the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland I'm honoured to be an ambassador for!!! Every once in a while you get to witness history being made and this was one of those days.As someone whose lived with the effects of a motor vehicle accident I know my families life would have been easier had this scheme been in place- ironically those who will benefit HAVE NOT YET BEEN INJURED but it will change their lives. Nevertheless This is a big day for the disability care sector.As big as introducing medicare or the NDIS.It could be you or your loved one. I'm happy to know QLD is now in line with the rest of Australia with a Scheme designed to deliver better, earlier and lifetime treatment, care and support for people who sustain serious personal injuries in motor vehicle accidents in Queensland.
The National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland will ensure that people catastrophically injured will receive immediate support for their treatment and care needs following a motor vehicle accident. This will lead to improved recovery and health outcomes. Congrtulations to all the treasury, committee staff involved and treasurer Curtis Pitt Queensland Treasury
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Watching National injury insurance scheme qld being debated in parliament live now. This is it! Fingers crossed for positive outcome to support 50% of people not covered by insurance when seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. ... See MoreSee Less

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For everyone who is asking why we need a National Injury Insurance scheme in QLD, aren't we already covered by CTP and comprehensive insuance. Here's an example of where our 'at fault' system lets us down when we most need it- a driver losing control on a rough road. Remember third party insurance covers injuries you may cause to other people, comprehensive insurance covers damage to property. BUT NEITHER cover injuries sustained by a driver deemed at fault or where there is no fault. Hear Zaine's story #NIIS4QLD ... See MoreSee Less

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WHO WILL YOU BE CHEERING FOR IN RIO? When the worlds best Paralympians converge in Rio this September medals will be up for grabs in two new Paralympic sports Paratriathlon Paracanoe. My story on Australia's world champions in these sports Bill Chaffey and Susan Seipel appeared in The Advocate magazine READ IT HERE: www.spinal.com.au/advocate/2016-05/#p=10 Paracanoe Australia Triathlon Queensland Triathlon Australia Australian Paralympic Team Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Paralympic Games ... See MoreSee Less

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Wondering what to wear this winter? Build your capsule wardrobe of winter essential with some tips from my new fashion column for seated fashionistas (aka classy ladies who use a wheelchair to get around and accessorise their outfit).PHOTOGRAPHY Marion Jonkers Photography Article The Advocate Magazine by Spinal Life Australia READ STORY HERE: www.spinal.com.au/advocate/2016-05/#p=25 ... See MoreSee Less

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