Welcome to the website of Marayke Jonkers, Australian Paralympic Swimmer, Paratriathlete, motivational speaker, self leadership training expert and founder of the charitable foundation Sporting Dreams.

Marayke’s journey from becoming paraplegic in a car accident as a baby to a three-time Paralympian, has inspired people around Australia through her motivational presentations and media appearances.

Marayke won a silver and two bronze Paralympic medals as a swimmer, and later became Australia’s first female paratriathlete when she won bronze at the world championships in 2010. A former world record holder and current Australian record holder, Marayke won Queensland Young Achiever Award in 2005, has twice been a finalist in the Young Australian of the Year Awards, and has been an Olympic torch bearer.

She is currently writing her autobiography “Unstoppable dreams: self leadership to win”.

Since retiring from competitive sport due to injury in 2011, Marayke has focused her attention on helping the next generation of Paralympians through the foundation she started called Sporting Dreams.

She has appeared on television shows including Insight on SBS, Totally Wild on channel 10, and in publications including Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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​Marayke has spoken to audiences ranging from 10 to 3000, in venues as diverse as pre-schools and Parliament House. She has shared the stage with dignitaries including Premiers and the Governor General. Her story is of daring to dream big, setting goals and never giving up no matter what obstacles life throws in your path.

She uses sport as a metaphor for life as she weaves her own stories of achievements, medal-winning highs and injury-plagued lows, through practical tips each of us can use to lead a rich, rewarding life and overcome the obstacles Marayke says are ‘inevitable’.

“While we may not be able to choose what happens to us in life,
we can choose the attitude we have towards it.  So choose to win,”

– Marayke Jonkers.​​

Marayke has a special interest in peak performance, and sharing the unique ‘mind training’ strategies she developed during her sporting career to help audiences ‘step up to the next level’ and get that last 10% out of themselves.

If you are seeking a speaker on any of these topics , Marayke can help (and will customise the presentation to your specific goals and requirements).

  • Peak performance
  • Goal Setting ( and achieving – how to stick to your plans)
  • Obliterating obstacles
  • Disability & the Paralympics: Marayke is very passionate about promoting Paralympic sport and disability awareness and has fun activities to help participants experience Paralympic sport.
  • Safety: ​Marayke has spoken to audiences about spinal injury prevention and workplace safety. As she says, “at the moment prevention is the only cure.”
  • Self leadership: The art of getting the best out of yourself.




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2016 sporting dreams awards nominations are open ! Do you know and athlete who deserves to be on the stage? Please share this post. Let's change some lives through sport. Go to #sporting #sportingdreams via Paralympic Games Australian Paralympic Team Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association Spinal Life Australia SBH QLD (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland) CPL Swimming Queensland Triathlon Australia Disability Horizons

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Great memory one year ago today-delivering the graduation address at my alma mata University of the Sunshine Coast. What an honour- and what presure to find the perfect words of wisdom for the speech- which in the end became "Be a kangaroo-take no backward steps". Re posting today to congratulate the class of 2016 who graduated this week and join a host of incredible alumni- may you also take no backward steps ... See MoreSee Less

Marayke Jonkers, delivered the 2015 graduation or commencement address at her alma mata University of the Sunshine Coast. Drawing on her experience as a triple medal winning Paralympian and entrepreneur she encouraged students to stand out and be the different, to grow, keep learning and that the greatest joy in life is to use your knowledge to give back and help others she even worked the campuses iconic kangaroo colony into the speech leaving a powerful impact. BIO Marayke,34, is a retired Paralympic medal winning swimmer, paratriathlete and founder of Sporting Dreams, a grants program which helps athletes with disabilities. She lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

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Proud to announce nominations are now open for 2016 Sporting Dreams Awards. It's an honour to see lives changing through sport each year since I started this grant program. If you know a worthy winner please share this post or tag them. LETS ACHIEVE SOME SPORTING DREAMS & CHANGE LIVES THROUGH SPORT. Go to #sportingdreams #sporting #sportingdreams via
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I had the great pleasure of meeting Max while lined up for a meal only months ago through the Profesional Speakers Association Australia. It's very uncommon to meet someone else whose an Aussi representative athlete, speaker,writer, giving back through charity AND not just interested in sport but the arts too.Not to mention who was forced to retire from sport through injury and stumbled into speaking and journalism. The silence as we LISTENED intently to each other stories was VERY rare in a room full of professional speakers. I'm ashamed to say i actually didn't know who this great was when he took to the stage spruicking about cathy freeman's run at Sydney 2000 and though geez if you're going to talk about sport go and achieve something of your own.... Then he pulled out the baggy green cap in the brown paper bag it originally arrived in (no fancy presentation ceremony in those days). he told of putting it on,looking in the mirror and the proud moment told his dad who also tried on the cap. This was stage craft and writing at its best and he'd won my respect for his skills as a speaker and orator long before I realised about his cricketing career and time presenting on Wide World of Sports which was before my time. A giving personality Max drew visual depictions of each speakers presentation to help improve their skills- such valuable insight to help peers achieve excellence rather than be competitive and view felllow speakers as rivals. A great loss to all Aussies from sport fans to readers, tv viewers, audience members. POWERFUL VIDEO : We all benefit from positive role models- take the time to watch this Video about Max' s life- from childhood illness bedridden and told he couldn't take part in sport to football cricketing success despite being told that as a Tasmanian he'd never make it on the mainland, becoming an architecture graduate and world renown broadcasters speaker and author- and ultimately about the power of a family who believe in you and having a crack at your dreams when the odds are against you. Max and I spoke about the power of providing powerful role models for new generations and how we both tried to do so through charity and volunteer work and his belief I could do so through via sporting dreams, speaking and writing about paralympic sport. well Max you sure have left a tremendous legacy as a role model for so many. So glad some of that legacy is on tape and that my life is among the many lives he touched, even if it was just from the lunch line to overa meal to maybe being a bit late to the next session ( we are both prfessional speakers after all lol).
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