What to do when you can’t be bothered to exercise

 It happens to the best of us, the alarm goes off in the morning we feel tired it’s nice and warm and comfortable under the doona and before we now look with missed an entire day or week of exercise because we promised ourselves will do it later but never do.

 What’s the difference between athletes and the person described above? Nothing we all have those thoughts. The difference is the elite athletes are ‘professional’. By that I don’t mean they are pa to exercise in a sport or activity you luck trust me it cost a fortune to do my training most of it without sponsors). What I mean is they   treat exercise with the same degree of discipline you would treat work. There is no way you would rollover hit snooze and not go to work, then expect to still have a job the next day.

So here are top 5 my mood boosting tips to make sure that your next exercise session goes even if your motivation plummets or plans change

  1. If you don’t feel like exercising focus on how good will feel when you have finished. Remember the feeling after a workout the endorphins running through your system your high on life and feel great
  2. make it nonnegotiable- don’t even have the internal conversation I don’t feel like going training, just now that is something going to do
  • don’t adhere to a rigid time schedule. Ignore all advice that tells you it is better to exercise before breakfast , before you go to bed etc. it’s best to exercise AT THE TIME YOU WILL DO IT!!!!   If exercising at a set time to fit in with the latest craze is going to mean you keep missing sessions due to an unpredictable work family or personal life then here is no point because it will never happen. For example committing to exercise every morning at the gym in the always presents a problem for you because you are getting the kids to school, likewise committing to something at a certain time after work if projects always run late. Choose something you can do on your own schedule or as a time suits you. I trained in the middle of the day because it was when this will pull worse quietist meaning I could have an entire claim to myself to do timed sprints while conventional wisdom says you must train at 4 AM as a swimmer, yet I won three Paralympic medals.
  • Always have your exercise equipment with you in the back of the car- this way if your plans change you can still work in something without needing to head home. I carried suing Goggles and a fully packed swim kit with change of clothing, as well as a pair of tights and exercise T-shirt plus sunglasses and sunscreen in the boot of my car. An example of when this came in really helpful is when I had a flat tire and had to wait for hours for the RACQ to come and tow my car. I could have stood in the car park doing nothing and begrudge the fact I was missing training, instead of simply changed into my tights and exercise singlet and commenced running laps of the carpark in my wheelchair…… Replenishing forwards with the washer bottle I also had packed in the car.
  1. Pick a sport you ENJOY and Train with friends : when it’s fun and you have committed to meet people you are much more likely to turn up.

What are your favourite tips forgetting in your exercise?

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