One week to go!

Hi everyone,

It’s not long until I leave now- 9 days infact ( not like I am counting ) and this has been a busy week, fitting my travel preparations in around working and training.

This week I worked 3 days ( I am an employment consutant for uni grads with disabilities at STEPS disability for those who don’t know). Two of those were doing mental health first aid training course, and the third I was manning a stall at the University of the Sunshine Coast o-week expo, letting students know about the graduate program.The bonus of this was I could head straight over to the universityathletics track for a training session in my racing wheelchair after work. Was a good session, except that the steering on my racing chair broke. It could only go in a straight line, and the track is of course round. I did 5km while ‘popping a mono’ at every corner to get the front wheel around without using the broken steering. Quite an experience, but I was determined not to quit- firstly I wanted to get in a good session and not many days left. Secondly, Im sure one day I will be out there racing and my chair will break so I may as well practice now!

One of the biggest differences between swimming and triathlon, I am beginning to realise, is the amount of gear required for a triathlon ( wetsuit, swim boots, handcycle,helmet racing wheelchair, racing gloves, race suit, energy ‘gu’ etc etc etc). More specifically, I have begun to realise what a challenge it will be to TRANSPORT all this gear from Australia to Budapest and back.

Originally I was going to have them freighted, but the bill for that was over $3000! I cant take them to Holland with me and then on to Budapest, as theres no way I can carry it all or fit it in my hotel room over there. Luckily my friend and swimming training partner Debbie has agreed to come over and be my ‘handler’ so she can bring my equipment on her flight. I am still trying to work out how to safely package my racing wheelchair and bike for travel on the plane.Never a dull moment.

Today was spent at the pool training, it was the coldest day of swimming all winter and I spent the whole session shivering with purple lips. Apart from that, it was a great session- I’m feeling fit and strong!

Tomorrow will be one of my last triathlon training sessions. I am heading to the track at the university to train with my friend and fellow paratriathlete Darron.

Hope all is well with you!



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