The five friends you need to succeed

Have you ever heard the saying by Jim Rohn that ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’?

In my career as an athlete, I have found this to be especially true.

I believe there are five types of people we all need in our social circle to be successful.

1. The role model

I always ask myself, ‘How would I behave if I was the best in the world?’.

For inspiration, find the person who is the best, or at least better than you, to watch and learn. Be a sponge and soak up their knowledge. A role model is also a great person to copy for your own behaviours and attitude.

2. The coach or mentor

This is the person you can always turn to for support or advice.

3. The motivating friend

A true friend can be honest, push you out of your comfort zone and isn’t afraid to call you on your bull$%!+. Basically, we all need a friend who says things as they are.

4. The helpful friend

None of us are superwoman or superman and we all appreciate someone who feeds the dog when we go away or can be trusted to look after the kids at a minute’s notice. We all need someone who is there to lend a hand and pick up the slack.

5. The ‘chillax’ friend

Someone you can hang out with, forget about your goals and have fun with.

I know I said five people, but it is a bonus if your support team includes a number of qualified health professionals you trust. For me, that involves a physio, osteopath, doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer and a massage therapist.

So, while I’m not suggesting you go out and ‘break up’ with the besties you’ve had since high school, when it comes to achieving your Gold Medal LifeTM it is important to have five good friends around to support you.

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